Audrey, Fabien and their three kids, aka Family Globe Exchange, are exchanging their home in the French town of Yzernay and embarking on a trip of a lifetime: a year-long, round-the-world family tour with 12 home exchanges along the way.

With us are three young globetrotters: Hugo, nine years old; Raphaël, eight; and Camille, six. They’re bundles of nerves and excitement. They envision this round-the-world tour as a great explorer might: They want to discover new countries, play with children, learn about different cultures, see new landscapes, take part in new activities, learn new languages and eat different foods.

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Are you fascinated by the “City of Light”? You’re not alone. Paris is the world’s most visited city for good reason. And it’s not just because of the sweet aroma of brioches or the cobbled streets that have been witness to centuries of history and culture.

Care to escape the crowds of Paris without missing out on the real flavor of the city? Living like a Paris local through HomeExchange, you’re already well on your way to a rich and personal experience. And now we’ve assembled a list of 10 exclusive, yet inexpensive, ways to get off the beaten sightseer track. Bon voyage!

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Over the last several months I’ve had the opportunity to meet many more Home Exchange members than usual, both in person and by email. I’ve gotten to know many quite well. The conversations I’ve had have reconfirmed one of my favorite aspects of home exchanging… the people I meet.

Now I’m looking for ways to get to know more members, and inviting members to get to know me better. In the process, I’m listening closely to creative ideas as to how we can improve Home Exchange and get a better handle on what our Members are looking for.

I hope I’m not being presumptuous in sharing the journey that brought me to, but sharing is what we’re all about and it needs to start somewhere. So it might as well start here with me taking the first step….

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As more and more travelers seek out unique New York (say that 10 times fast!), they’re looking to make memories more exciting than any tourist souvenir. You may already be living like a Big Apple local through HomeExchange, but how else can you get a feel for city living? There’s no need to splurge.

New York City can definitely be a costly place to visit, but there are lots of price‑conscious ways to take it all in that definitely count as money well spent! Here are 10:
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Meet Ellen and Kirsten, good friends from Copenhagen and both freelance translators. They got two home exchanges almost for the same dates: Kirsten to Montreal and Ellen to Sydney.  Since it was Kirsten’s first exchange, they decided to keep correspondence during their trips …And here’s their funny and entertaining result!

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Lisa Green Olympics Rio Cycling

Meet Lisa, from Colorado USA, who is currently at the Rio Olympics on a home exchange. Surely, planning a trip to Brazil to attend the Rio Olympics was downright daunting, right? “Not if you’re with HomeExchange,” she says.

Planning a trip to any foreign place can present many challenges. This is especially true when trying to attend a major sporting or cultural event. As it turned out, my accommodations were the easiest thing about this trip, which made everything else easier! Read More


HomeExchange is a fun‑loving global family  —  which is why, for almost a decade, we’ve gathered our entire team (and THEIR families) for a week‑long team‑building and strategy retreat. Each July, we come together from all around the world to reconnect, recharge and reenergize  —  in an exceptional locale, of course!


In July 2016, the entire HomeExchange team united in Cádiz on the southwest coast of Spain for another productive and fun‑filled “family reunion.” The raison d’etre for the annual gathering has been described in detail by HomeExchange President Jim Pickell, but in large part it is because we are a “virtual” company  —  virtually everyone at HomeExchange works remotely, so we treasure these face‑to‑face work retreats and eagerly await them all year long. (When it comes to building vision, the best way to advance is to retreat!)
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Upon exiting Grand Central Terminal in New York City, even the most seasoned urban traveler may face a moment of panic. A short walk to the west, flashing marquees advertise the hottest Broadway shows glare on thousands of people packing the streets. The air is choked with car exhaust. You may feel like you too should be wearing black and in a terrible hurry. Fear not! Even in this metropolitan beehive there are pocket neighborhoods for every taste and style. Here’s how to find you find your niche and navigate the streets of Manhattan like a native. Read More